Valentine's Day is a day that I swear was created by the retail industry.  With that said, It's known as the 'lovers' holiday and should be spent as such but that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot or even do a lot.

It's about spending time with that person you love and showing them how special they are.  Putting effort and thought into something is more meaningful and shows that you actually did more than just spend some money.

There are so many things around the Hudson Valley that you can do and not spend a ton of cash.   Here are my thoughts on how to make Valentine's Day special without spending a ton:

  • Make dinner, light some candles, rent a movie you wouldn't normally watch but know that they would like.
  • Make a Valentine's Day coupon book that includes things like a message, a bubble bath drawn by you, a movie night of watching movies that they like once a month.  Put in the coupons different little things that they can take advantage of once a week.
  • If he's into building things or just doing guy things, take him shopping to Home Depot or Lowe's and just walk around.  It doesn't seem like much but it shows that you care about his likes.
  • Leave you phones at home and go grab a drink.
  • Take a walk.  It's going to be a bit chilly but a nice night.  Take a little walk.
  • Go grab a coffee and sit and just talk.  No phone.  No kids or work.  No talking about anything except each other.

There are things that you can do or give for Valentine's Day that don't have to be done on that day too.

Starting at $99 you can take The Hudson Valley Brewery Tour and Walkway over the Hudson.  Buy that, put it in a card, find a sitter if needed and plan the day.

Have a great Valentine's Day and make the most of it.

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