Forget about Pumpkin Spice or basically any of those pumpkin flavors, my wife is so addicted to the International Delight Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer.

OK, maybe I used the word addicted in the wrong context because she actually squealed, loudly in the store when we found it yesterday.

Every year around this time she starts to mention it and how it should be coming out soon and how it's a great few months because her coffee is now like heaven.

She will "deal with" the other Peppermint Mocha that is readily available because it's not the same.

I feel like it's more the fact that it's only available during the winter holidays because I've tasted them both and I can't tell a difference.  Then again, I'm not really that big of a fan.

Looking back at the past few days I should have realized she was up to something because she had to keep "running to the store" and it was never the same one.  She'd go to Hannaford, Stewert's Shoppes, Price Chopper, Wal-mart and any other store she could think of.

Finally, yesterday she wanted to go visit family all the way in Scranton, PA. which I thought was odd but hey, it was nice so a quick road trip seemed like the thing to do.

She says to me on the way home, 'Can you swing buy the store?  I need to get wipes for the baby."  We all go in because I'm needing a snack for the ride home and I hear her squeal.  Little did I know, she knew it was there because she researched where it was in a 3 hour radius and used visiting family as the excuse.

She said she couldn't wait for it to come in and when she heard it was in PA first, she had to have it.

I guess if this is the only sign of Christmas in our house in September, I'm OK with it.

I called Hannaford, Price Chopper, Stewarts Shoppes and Wal Mart and they don't have a date of them arriving yet.  So if you are as addicted, plan a road trip.


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