Out of thousands of people who traveled down south to a pro-gun rally one man and his 5 ft long rifle are going viral and it turns out he's from New York state.

Thousands of people showed up in Richmond to protest gun control from all across the country. There's even been a lot of New Yorker's travel down to show their support for the 2nd Amendment. Some protesters showed up armed and clad in body armor, military fatigues and a round yellow sticker that read "guns save lives."

According to the New York Post, Brandon Lewis, who's a gun dealer in Bergen, New York wanted to make a statement at the pro-gun rally and that's exactly what he did openly carrying his Barret M82 .50 Caliber rifle (as there were any chances of him concealing it) while decked out in military fatigues.

Though it was his legal right to carry that specific firearm, Lewis has taken a lot of criticism on social media over his choice in a firearm.

Some say it was excessive. He's even earned the nickname "Sniper Rifle Guy" on Twitter.

According to CNN, the rally had roughly 22,000 people in attendance and no major acts of violence were reported.

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