I mentioned it BEFORE that I really enjoyed 'The Joker'.  I talked about what a great job I thought that Joaquin Phoenix did and how it really touched on Mental Health issues and more.

Well, it looks like they are already in talks with Phoenix to star in the sequel.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Todd Phillips, the director of 'The Joker' has already met with executives with Warner Bros to discuss details.

The film will star Joaquin Phoenix who has become a front runner for the Oscar for Best Actor.

I'm not really sure where this second film will go but I'm sure it'll be more along the lines of the Joker character in all of the Marvel Comics.

Even if it takes a different approach, if it's anything like the first one, I'll be there opening weekend.

I have spoken to a few people that haven't seen it because of their like for past Jokers and I can assure you, it is worth seeing.  I'm sure you will leave with a different opinion.

Even if you don't, it really is worth seeing.


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