Bears have been seen all across the Hudson Valley and one town has some important information about bears.

The Town of New Paltz is known for a lot of different things like a great college, great restaurants and bars and now possibly bears.

In a effort to make sure residents can do everything possible to avoid having a run in with a bear the Town of New Paltz has asked that everyone please take down your bird feeders, store or secure garbage cans, and remove any other food sources that bears may come across around your house, according to the Towns website.

The town also said that bears are on the move and are searching for food after a long winter hibernation.

The DEC has set up guidelines for homeowners to follow so that they can avoid any human/bear conflicts and if you need anymore information, or need to report a problem with a black bear, contact the DEC Region 3 Office at (845) 256-3098.

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