What is what with people and their dangerous reptiles?

You may remember in August, a Western New York man was busted for having over three hundred reptiles in his home, including gila monsters and even king cobras. One month later, two Long Island men were arrested for possession of dangerous reptiles. Officials believe they planned to sell on the black market.

Earlier this week, an alligator, that someone presumably dropped off, was found at Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie. -

Now here we are in November, and we have another incident involving a potentially dangerous reptile in someone's home. This time it's right here in the Hudson Valley, though this particular reptile isn't necessarily illegal to own, you just better have a special permit.

NY Upstate says that it actually all started last month when a Saugerties woman was arrested after it was confirmed narcotics were being sold on her property. Authorities found several domestic and exotic animals in her home and contacted the Ulster SPCA.

NY Upstate says that when officials visited the residence, they found a large snapping turtle in her home. When the woman was questioned at the Ulster County Jail, she claimed she didn't know that it was illegal to own this particular species of turtle with out a permit in New York.

Since the woman was allegedly into the drug game, perhaps she used the animal as a form of intimation to collect debts? The threat of having your fingers bitten off by one of these things would get you pay up real quick.

Snapping turtles are the largest fresh water reptile in the state. They're so prolific that in 2006 they were named the official state reptile of New York.

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