A local retailer will soon let customers scan and pay for items on their phones , then simply walk out the door.

One of the most frustrating things about shopping at local stores is the lack of open registers. How many times have you stopped into a store for a quick purchase only to wait in line forever just to pay for your item?

Soon, those long lines will be a thing of the past for one retailer. More and more stores are embracing mobile technology. For the past year Bonefish Grill has let customers pay for their meals on their phones instead of waiting for the server to take your credit card. Now, Macy's will be letting Hudson Valley customers do the same thing at their locations throughout the region.

Macy's announced on Monday in a press release that they will be rolling out mobile pay at all of their stores by the end of the year. Customers will be able to scan items using the Macy's mobile app as they shop. Once shoppers are ready to leave, purchases can be paid for with a credit card that has been preloaded into the app. Special kiosks will be set up near exits where security tags can be removed by assistants who will also supply bags for your purchase.

Hudson Valley grocery shoppers may be familiar with the process. Stop and Shop has a similar service that supplies shoppers with devices that scans items as you shop. When finished, customers simply bring the device to a self checkout area to pay for all of their purchases.

What do you think about stores providing self-checkout services? Is it a welcome convenience or would you rather just keep shopping the old fashioned way?  Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.

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