A simple trip to Sam's Club in Kingston lead to Christina Kokonis-Viggers finding a karaoke machine with blue tooth capabilities. When she discovered that it worked, two minutes of epic occurred. Singing in random public places is nothing new for Christina as singing has been her passion for quite some time.

The day after the video was posted by her friend it started to gain traction. She was so happy and excited when she discovered her video had over 10,000 views. That's quite the accomplishment but no one was prepared for what would happen within a weeks time.

Five days after the initial post of the video, it had over 500,000 views and continued to climb. It is set to break 2 million soon and who knows how far this will go. This could not have happened to a nicer person as Christina's upbeat spirit has always inspired the good in all of those around her.

You can follow Christina on Facebook and on her YouTube Channel Diva In The Making.

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