An animal that's described as having a dog-like body with a deer head was got one homeowner in the Hudson Valley asking questions.

As a long time fan of the X-Files, I live for this kind of stuff. When they reboot that show for the second time I think it's safe to say they can film the entire season in the Hudson Valley region of New York. There's no shortage on strange sites, oddities and bizarre looking creatures roaming around.

Between the massive amount of reported UFO and bigfoot sightings, there's plenty of spots for Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to look into.

They don't even need to go deep in the woods. They can just walk in someone's backyard.

What about the strange animals that have been spotted around here? Some weird animal was spotted crossing the road in New Paltz and unknown fish are being washed up on the shores of the Hudson River

There's even been a string of plant theft.

Unusual things are happening and we're continuing to document them.

Most recently, a woman in Guilderland took to Facebook to try identify an animal she didn't recognize behind her house. Do you have any clue what this animal could be?

Credit: Michele Mamone-Jeffs

Many believe that it's a coyote with mange but the person who took the photo described the animal as more like a deer.

Have you seen something like this before walking around in the Hudson Valley?

Credit: Michele Mamone-Jeffs


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