Prices are Hudson Valley homes are steadily going up.

It seems like the Hudson Valley is always facing a housing shortage. Patch reports that as the number of homes in the local region for sale decrease, prices of homes on the market are going up.

According to Patch, second quarter home prices in 2018 showed an increase compared to the second quarter in 2017. Orange County, Rockland County, Putnam County, and Westchester County all saw an increase of home prices.

Patch reports that Orange County saw a 6.4% increase in house prices from $250,000 in 2017. Rockland County saw a 6.2% gain in prices from $468,750 in 2017. Westchester County also saw a large increase in house prices, by 6.1% from $670,000 in 2017.

Putnam County, while it did have an increase in house prices, was not nearly as large an increase as the other counties. Putnam County had a 1.4% increase in home prices and Patch says that the smaller size of Putnam County compared to others could affect that.

The housing shortage is true. Putnam County saw a 9.5% drop in homes for sale, according to Patch. It dropped 8.1% in Orange County and 4.1% in Rockland County.


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