When we think about getting a Christmas tree, do we think about what color we would get? Typically, we head to the store or a local Christmas tree farm and grab a Christmas tree in green.  However, in stores, there may be other options such as white or silver.

It wouldn't be Christmas without hearing from Elvis and "Blue Christmas". This may be the inspiration of where this Hudson Valley city's idea came from of a specific Christmas tree.

This Hudson Valley City Is In Search Of A Blue, 35 Foot Christmas Tree


Local residents were confused when they heard that this Hudson Valley city was looking for a 35-foot Christmas tree but it was an odd choice in color. The question still remains as to why they are in search of a blue tree rather than a green.

The news spread quickly that even a New York TV station picked up the story.

A New York TV Station Shared The Unusual News Of This Hudson Valley City

NBC New York related the news to a "Charlie Brown special". In Orange County, NY this city has some unusual requirements for their tree. Depending on locations, a blue spruce is a popular Christmas trend. The branches may be able to hold ornaments better since they are typically stiff.

The color blue can present a sense of serenity and calmness.

Newburgh, NY Is In Search Of A 35 Foot Tall, Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

According to the City of Newburgh Gov, there are certain requirements. The tree must be at least 35 feet high, it must be a blue spruce and also be in good health. Do you know anyone who can provide them with this?

How Will The Tree Get To Newburgh, NY?

Newburgh's Department of Public Works would cut down and also transport the tree. This would then be delivered to Lower Broadway.

Who Can Be Contacted About Receiving This Christmas Tree?

Anyone interested can call (845) 569-7380. An e-mail can be sent to obpalma@cityofnewburgh-ny.gov. as well.

Where Has Newburgh, NY Received Their Trees From In The Past?


According to NBC New York, "The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree also came from Newburgh in 2018." They also have gotten trees from other Hudson Valley cities and towns such as Marlboro and New Windsor.

Did you ever see a blue Christmas tree before? What color do you think they should choose instead? Let us know below.

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