A Hudson Valley car dealership manager is heading to prison for stealing parts from his employer and selling them online.

On Thursday in Westchester County Court, John Labarbera of Poughquag was sentenced to one year in jail for stealing from a Westchester car dealership where he worked.

In February, he pleaded guilty to a grand larceny. During a nearly four-year period, from May 2011 until March 2015, Labarbera stole parts from the Curry Acura dealership in the Town of Greenburg and sold them for profit. At the time Labarbera was a parts manager at the dealership.

In total, Labarbera stole $231,317.26 from the dealership.

According to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office:

    • Labarbera convinced management at the dealership to sell automobile parts on eBay
    • With the consent of the dealership, he then set up an account to sell parts on behalf of the dealership.
    • Using the valid account as cover, and without management’s knowledge, Labarbera set up a separate eBay account which he used to sell parts he stole from the dealership.
    • Labarbera would steal automobile parts, sell them on eBay, ship the parts to his buyers via Curry Acura's FedEx Ground account, accept payments via PayPal and keep the money for himself.
    • He manipulated the inventory and accounting system of the dealership to cover up his crimes.

Labarbera has already paid back $115,658.63. A Judgment and Order of Restitution for the remaining amount of $115,658.63 was signed by the court.

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