There's nothing worse than being at a big event and your phone completely bugging out.

Yesterday was a huge day at the Dutchess County Fair, we were broadcasting live and giving away tickets and Meet & Greet passes for the sold out Kane Brown concert.

Around 4:30 after positing a video on Facebook, my iPhone 8 screen froze. It was opened and wouldn't lock. So I did what I have been told to do in the past and do a "hard reset."

A hard reset is when you hold the middle menu button and the power button on the right hand side at the same time for about 10 seconds. The phone is supposed to shut down and reboot right back up. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for me.

My screen turned black with the white pinwheel spinning around and around.

The fact I couldn't tweet, snap or post a story on Instagram had my anxiety rising a little bit. It's dramatic, but you'd be feeling the same way if you're be

Once I was done with the fair I headed to the Verizon on South Road in Poughkeepsie. Turns out I was doing it all wrong. The wonderful, phone saving, gentleman behind the counter told me I had to do a "soft reset."

Here's how you soft reset your phone:

  • press and  release the volume up button on the left
  • press and  release the volume down button on the left
  • Hold power button on the right down until the Apple logo shows up.

I honestly thought the man was yanking my chain when he said soft reset. Then I saw the Apple logo and I wanted to jump the counter and hug him.

I've been an iPhone user for years and have never heard of the soft reset, have you?


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