So you have four legged, furry family members, what kind of special care do you need to give them on super hot days? Here's a few things according to and

  • Keep your pets stay hydrated. Make sure that they have constant access to fresh water.
  • Make sure that your pets have a shady spot to keep them out of the sun.
  • Keep pets off hot asphalt. The excessive temperatures can heat the asphalt to such a temperature that it burns your pet's paws. Think of how you feel walking on super hot sand in your bare feet.
  • Watch out for signs of heat stroke. If your pet shows any of the following signs, get them to a vet immediately. Symptoms include, 'panting, lethargy, drooling, vomiting and collapse.'
  • Give them a fan to sit or relax in front of.
  • Keep them indoors in the air conditioning.

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