So baseball season officially kicked off this past Thursday and to celebrate, Domino's launched Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza.  Because, what else goes with Baseball than beer and hot dogs.

They also offer a burger pizza and a hot dog calzone if that's more your style.

Ok, let's get back to this pizza.  The crust is stuffed with hot dogs and you can even choose sliced hot dogs as one of the toppings.

Research says that 70% of Americans like hot dogs and 90% like pizza but I'm wondering just what made them decide to mix the 2?

I will admit that I like a dog grilled on the grill on the regular basis and I LOVE pizza and baseball and beer but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't drink a hot dog flavored beer or eat a beer flavored hot dog.  Ok, maybe the beer flavored hot dog but still.

Next time you want to feel like you're at the ball park....order pizza and add hot dogs.  Or don't.

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