Have you heard the one about a horse and boar roaming the Hudson Valley? 

On Wednesday, a horse and a boar were spotted walking down State Route 32 in the Kingston area.

A listener shared the photo with us, but we really don't know any other details. I mean obviously, the horse and boar wandered off of a farm or someone's property.

Since there's no explanation, I'm just going to make one up:

Once upon a time in Ulster County, lived a horse named Phil. Phil's best friend on the farm was a boar named Betty.

Phil and Betty always dreamed of a life beyond the farm fence. Phil wanted to work in television, like his hero Mr. Ed. Betty wanted to be a famous singer. Her acapella group Betty and the Bacon Bits were a huge hit on the farm.

Tired of hay and slop to eat every day, the pair became fed up with their mundane life and decided it was time to leave the farm.

After many failed attempts at escaping, they almost gave up hope for a better life. Until that fateful day that the farmer accidentally left the gate open.

Phil and Betty wasted no time. Upon noticing that the gate was left ajar, the pair made a break for it.

Phil and Betty ran through the barn, knocking chickens and sheep over, leaving a cloud of dust and feathers behind.

As they inched closer to the gate, they could taste the freedom! They busted through the gate like it was the door to Best Buy on Black Friday, with no looking back.

We don't know if Phil and Betty ever made it off Route 32, but a part of me likes to think so.



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