When you vote in an election, you usually get a  little sticker to wear as a badge that proves you did your civic duty. Those stickers are usually oval-shaped American flags. We've been getting the same old ones for years now and let's face it, they are pretty boring. Ulster County decided it was time for a change.

Ulster County "I Voted" Sticker Contest

The Ulster County Board of Elections is holding their 2nd Annual "I Voted" Sticker Contest. The design with the most votes by the end of July will be distributed during the County's November 8 General Election. The competition is currently down to 6 finalists but one design has a very safe lead.

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A teenager entered a local graphic design contest and he quickly became the judge's worst nightmare and my hero. Not only is the design winning. It isn't even a close race. Here are the results as of July 8.


It seems as if the people of Ulster County have spoken just 8 days into the contest. They are tired of flags eagles, red, white, and blue. They want a terrifying man-spider with rainbow teeth and stoner eyes. If you live in Ulster County, you might be getting this sticker when you vote in November. Will you wear it proudly?


I don't know who Hudson Rowan is but he has my respect as both an artist and a patriot.

This is genius at an Andy Kaufman level. I want to meet this kid and shake his hand!



@toucannabanana gen z is more powerful tham we ever could have imagined #fyp#foryou#ulstercounty#newyork#ivoted♬ original sound - Anna

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