If you haven't recently, you should.

No really, if you haven't treated yourself to something just for you lately you should go out and do it today. You deserve it! Especially if you are feeling a little down.

I know it worked for me. After going through a bunch of changes the last year on the home front I decided last week to go out and get a new vehicle and that's just what I did! Called the dealership and asked if they had the SUV I was looking for, they did and BOOM I got a new truck. LOL!

After a few days of, "Oh god, how am I going to pay for this" I'm feeling better about it today and absolutely love it and I think we should all, at one time or another go out and splurge on ourselves.

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We have had a huge variety of "treats" so far including a house, new car and if you missed it, hair extensions. Love it! Add to our list now.

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