These are amazing "Duct Tape Saved my Butt" moments from all across the Hudson Valley?

If you've ever found yourself in a jam where something breaks or starts leaking, the odds say you've probably had a "Duct Tape Saved My Butt" moment. There are a million things you can use to fix with a handy roll of duct tape, it really is what we like to call, "Redneck Ingenuity" at it's best!!

I've caught myself in a few jams that duct saved me, the first one that comes to mind was when I was getting ready to DJ a wedding at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie. I was in the family restroom getting changed and as I went to put my dress pants on, my foot caught the hem in my pants and ripped it right off. The pants were SUPER LONG and there was no way I could go out in front of people with pants looking like that. I got redressed and ran out to my truck grabbed a roll of duct tape and used it to keep my hem in place so I could do the wedding and not look ridiculous. It worked, so thank you duct tape gods!...LOL!

I wasn't alone in the duct tape saving my butt world, Jim from Kent called to let us know that one of his buddies had a baby that kept pulling off his diaper and his friend would use duct tape to keep the diaper on his kids butt! Love it!! Tom in Washingtonville texted us that he, "Sealed a bath tub in a mobile home." Tom had some "mobile home" company as Chris called us to let us know that if you own a mobile home, he said, "YOU HAVE TO HAVE DUCT TAPE!" He said he's used it to fix just about everything including leaks, roof issues and many other things.

The best use of duct tape came from Sue, a mom who called us to let us know that duct tape did just about save her daughters butt. She told us that her daughter is a big mountain climber who lives in Colorado, and does a lot of climbing in the Rockies. One time while her daughter was climbing, she dislocated her shoulder and used duct tape to hold things in place until she could climb to safety. She got down eventually and credits the duct tape for almost saving her butt!...WOW!!

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