What? Gov. Andrew Cuomo dropped a racial slur during a recent live radio interview.

Race is a sensitive subject in our culture and rightfully so. Though we boast about the importance of equality in America, it's sad but our nation has a terrible track record of treating members of certain ethnic groups, cultures and races as less than human.

On a positive note, religious and ethnic tolerance is always growing. Is that growth in large part due to certain words becoming taboo?

According to the New York Post, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was asked about the growing issues and moral dilemma surrounding the celebration of Columbus Day during a recent radio interview. In his response he then quoted a piece from the New York Times stating:

"Southern Italians, Sicicilans, I'm half Sicilian were called quote, unquote and pardon my language but I'm just quoting the Times, N***** wops. N-word wops as a derogatory comment."

You can listen to audio of the full clip HERE.

Cuomo makes it clear that he does not mean any offense nor does he direct the slur towards anyone in a derogatory way but it does raise an important question: Was it still appropriate?

Is it ever okay to use that word? Most believe it's off-limits. Many wish that the word could be erased completely.

What do you think? Did Cuomo cross the line?

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