No matter where I stop for gas in the Hudson Valley, there always seems to be a bug of some kind stuck to the pump or inside the screen.

I'll be watching the amount of my hard earned money go into my tank while also watching whatever bug there might be trapped in there, try and escape.  It passes the time and makes the cost seem a little more easier because I feel like I've been entertained.

Some pumps have the video screens where they play 'What's trending" or the weather or sports or some form of video entertainment.

If what happened at a gas station in Kansas ever happens here in the Hudson Valley, you can rest assured that I'll NEVER get gas at that station and probably never again in the Hudson Valley.

There was a snake in the video screen.  A snake.  As in a live, slithering snake, IN the video screen.  At the pump.


You can actually see the live video HERE

Wait, someone took the time to video it?

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