Will bubbles freeze outside?

This week we decided to turn frolic Friday into a little bit of an experiment before we frolic.

We came across a few videos on social media that were showing people outside blowing bubbles in the freezing temperatures and the bubbles freezing up in the air.

So we decided to try the experiment out and throw in a nice keep warm frolic as well. Will the bubbles freeze? Take a look...

YES!!! How cool is that! I have to tell you that if you haven't been outside yet today, do yourself a favor and stay inside. If you do have to go out make sure you layer up and cover every inch of your body with something and if you have to go out and are looking for a way to heat up, why not give a frolic a try?

I promise it will warm you up. All you need to do is drop your hands to your side, point your fingers out and start skipping around wherever you are right now. I dare you to try it!

Have a great weekend.

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