Yes it's time to frolic into the weekend.

Every Friday Jess and I come up with some reason for us to frolic into the weekend and this weekend our theme was an easy one as we all get ready to celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday.

We hope that our weekly frolic at least puts a smile on your face and gives you what you need to make it through the day.

Away we go.....

I still can't come up with anymore songs that have to do with Mom but I did come up with a good idea. At some point during your Mother's Day celebration, why not ask mom to frolic with you for a few seconds? She will probably look at you like your crazy but I promise when she is done, she will feel incredible! If you can convince mom to frolic, make sure you get it on video and send it in to us at

To frolic all you need to do is find an open space, drop your arms down to your side, point out your hands and start skipping around and BOOM, your frolicking.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to the moms in the Hudson Valley!

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