Sports car frolicking...Kinda.

If you missed a few weeks back Jess got into a car accident and is thankfully OK but her new car not so much. SO she had to get a rental until she sorts out what to do.

The rental company first gave her a Chevy Tahoe to drive and she said it was to big for her to drive, so she went back and got a Dodge Challenger to try out. Yes a fast ass Challenger. How long until she comes in complaining about getting a speeding ticket?

Anyway, with it being a Friday we decided that this weeks Frolic Friday was going to have a loud and proud theme with some American muscle....

She still wont let me drive it!! C'mon I promise not to wreck it, spin the tires yes, but wreck it no!

If you are having a crappy Friday as we say each week, nothing will turn that frown upside down like a good frolic, so go ahead and give a try.

Have a great weekend!

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