Nothing says Happy Fathers Day like a good "Frolic".

Every Friday me and Jess get a little crazy with what we call "Frolic Friday" and every week we try to have a theme to frolic to.

With fathers day on Sunday we decided that this week we would frolic for all the dads here in the Hudson Valley.

And away we go....

Yes it's been about a year since Jess jumped on board the frolic train.

Happy Fathers day to all dads and maybe this year you can convince dad to frolic with you on Sunday. If you can do it make sure you try and grab a video.

As we say every week, if you had a tough work week or just need a little pick me up, nothing will make you feel better than a good ol’ fashioned frolic.

So drop your arms to your sides, point your hands out and start frolicking around. I promise it’ll make you feel better.

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