It's Friday and we are set to frolic!

Every Friday Jess and I do what we can to send you into the weekend with a smile on your face and to do that we head outside of the radio station to frolic around like a couple of morons.

Now this week is going to be a little different as I had an idea on how I could maybe pick up a little extra holiday cash this year. I would like to offer up my services to replace the "Elf on the Shelf" at your house. If I could be the elf on the shelf here is what I think it would look like, followed by a nice brisk reindeer like frolic....

If you would like me to replace the elf at your house, leave me a message and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for watching and like we say every Friday, if you having a rough go at it today or you just need a little pick me up, nothing will make you feel better that a nice frolic.

To frolic all you need to do is drop your arms to your side, point your hands out and start skipping around wherever you are and BOOM, you will fell GREAT!

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