Tim McGraw and Faith Hill made an appearance Nov. 16 on the Bobby Bones Show in advance of the release of their joint album, The Rest of Our Life, out Nov. 17. As it turns out, the seemingly perfect couple has their bumpy moments, just like the rest of us.

Bones asked the question that's probably been on every fan's mind who's seen the pair in their unwaveringly romantic duet performances over the years: "There’s a time when you’re irritated and you have to go out and do the show with him?"

"I know, it’s torture," deadpanned Hill in response. "Actually that’s not true. We have our moments where we may have a little spat, but the spat is nothing legit, it’s just something ridiculous."

"I’ve had a couple spats where I thought it was legit,” protested McGraw, adding, "In relationships, you’re going to have those moments."

Hill elaborated: "I love a good fight. When I’m in a bad mood — I’m not in a bad mood very often, I'm really not -- but when I am, it’s like, don’t talk to me. Don’t press any buttons.

"I love to press his buttons though," she added. "I know exactly where all of them are! And I love to do it sometimes because it’s so much fun to get him riled up."

McGraw admitted he is mostly controlled when it comes to his anger, however, “When it finally builds up and it goes it’s like destroy the dressing room. It’s kinda bad,” he noted.

Well. Now we all know the truth about what's going on behind the scenes!

The couple recently announced the dates for a 2018 leg of their Soul2Soul Tour. They will perform more than 25 additional dates beginning on May 31, 2018, in Richmond, Va., and wrapping up in July in California. Tickets go on sale Nov. 17.

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