Experts have compiled a list of cities that are terrible for single people and a city in the lower Hudson Valley ranked one of the worst places.

Are you single? If not, how did you and your partner meet for the first time? Did you meet them at a bar, restaurant or maybe a park? Maybe you met them through mutual friends. I met my wife on a blind date set up through some friends. Does that even happen anymore?

How do people even get dates anymore? Do they meet in person or have dating apps become the new norm?

Dating in 2022 isn't easy. It's not always easy to meet people and the pandemic made it even more difficult. It is challenging to date in some places. According to statistics Yonkers, New York is one of them. In fact, it is one of the worst places in the nation for singles.

Why is Yonkers, New York one of the worst places to date?

Here's what the numbers say:

Young man mad at his uninterested wife

According to Wallet Hub, out of 181 cities in America, Yonkers made the list at 166.

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They compared the prices of food and drinks at restaurants, the prices of movie tickets and the cost of transportation from taxis and ride-share apps. They even looked at the cost of keeping yourself groomed and fit by comparing gym, barbershop and salon costs. Yonkers seemed to be higher than other cities.

If you're single in Yonkers where do you go to find a date? Maybe they're coming up north. Yonkers wasn't the only city from New York to make the list. Rochester and Buffalo also made the list as well.

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