Hayes 4 Fitness studio is an all-encompassing health and wellness center located in Poughkeepsie, NY. Founder and owner Hayes Kanyike focuses on the body, nutrition and mind to create a healthy lifestyle. In addition to fitness, meal prep, and delivery services to those within 5 miles, Hayes 4 Fitness also offers a variety of other services designed to help you acheive a healthy lifestyle.

Poughkeepsie's only Juice Bar is also located at Hayes 4 Fitness studio to give your body the necessary nutrition it needs. Whether you are looking to cleanse, detoxify the body or simply start drinking your meals, this is the right place for you. By adopting juicing as your foundation for a cleaner way of life, you will be kick starting your system on the fast track to weight loss and a overall healthier you. If you occasionally overindulge or sink back into poor eating habits that can increase the body's toxicity level, juicing can help eliminate that by committing to a cleanse. The benefits don't stop at weight loss , daily juices can cure you from the inside out by correcting the PH balance in your body to reduce inflammation and ward off diseases that thrive in an acidic host. Juicing provides the body with the daily intake of fruits and vegetables and minimizes the digestive effort on your body by allowing nutrients to be absorbed into the body at faster pace. So eat well and drink to your health.

Dr. Tameika Lawrence, the in-house psychotherapist, will assist you with mental health needs. With over 10 years experience teaching individuals and groups and with over 8 years' experience as a clinician conducting individual counseling and facilitating groups in an acute psychiatric in-patient and partial hospitalization setting, Dr. Lawrence's expertise is currently in launching a new self-help therapeutic tool named B.R.E.A.K. used in communities, public and private organizations for behavior modification. Dr. Lawrence can help you with stress management, behavioral treatment plans, relationship counseling, and more!

Hayes 4 Fitness also has their unique Fitness Escape Room! Get a team together and choose the Physical Route (point system) or the Mental Route (puzzle system). Choose from 15 exercise stations and complete the exercise at each station to gain points or puzzle pieces. Escape the room and dare to be great!