March can be a frustrating and tricky month to plan for weather wise. While many of us are ready for spring, the forecast sometimes has other ideas.

Sure enough, it's looking more and more like the Hudson Valley and northeast is going to be hit by another coastal storm. Some models had called for the storm to pass to our south, but now some of those same models are saying that snow could be falling across the region late Monday night and into Tuesday.

How much? Right now, the forecast is saying about three to six inches. This could either go up or down as we getting closer to Tuesday morning.

Meteorologists are saying the storm will dump more snow to the east and closer to the coast, so western parts of the Hudson Valley may not get nearly as much wintery precipitation.

As of now, the forecast is saying that this storm won't be as severe as the last two. We'll keep you updated over the next 48 hours.


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