A couple of scenes from finale of the critically acclaimed Showtime series Escape At Dannemora had many Hudson Valley viewers scratching their heads.

If you haven't seen the seven-part miniseries about the jailbreak that took place in 2015 at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, you're missing out. Ben Stiller produced and directed each episode, making sure that every detail about the brazen prison escape was depicted as accurately as possible.

The production team was given unprecedented access to the actual prison and cells where the real-life events took place. Interior and exterior shots, including the ventilation system that prisoners Matt and Sweat used to escape were all depicted in the series.

Keen viewers in the Hudson Valley, however, may have caught a few inaccuracies in the final episode that appeared as a result of the series being partially filmed in our area. While the sight of Michael Imperioli playing Governor Cuomo was jarring enough, a few other scenes proved that the show wasn't quite as authentic as it could have been. (Don't worry, we won't reveal any spoilers if you haven't seen it yet.)


Towards the beginning of the final episode, Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott (Bonnie Hunt) is seen tracking down a man who's been cheating the system by lying about being out on workers comp. She surprises him at the Hudson Valley Gym where he's working out. A graphic on the screen explains that the exterior of the gym is in Watertown, NY.  But, as we all know, the Hudson Valley is nowhere near Watertown. In fact, the gym shown in the episode is actually located on Washington Street in Peekskill.


In a later scene Lyle (Eric Lange) picks up Tilly (Patricia Arquette) from the hospital. As they drive home, they can be seen driving past the intersection of Orrs Mill Road and Jackson Avenue. Those roads don't exist anywhere near Dannemora. Instead, they're located right here in New Windsor, where many of the show's exterior scenes were shot.


We reported in October of 2017 that production was filming near Orrs Mill Road and Jackson Avenue and that signs were removed on Route 9W in Cornwall. Careful viewing of the series, especially the final episode, reveals what parts of our area were used as a substitute for the areas around the Clinton Correctional Facility.

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