In this day an age of binge watching from subscriptions services and skipping real time watching on TV do you use your DVR? I don't actually know what I would watch in real time anymore. I feel like everything I enjoy watching is being recorded by DVR. From news programs to sitcoms to specialty shows the record button at my house gets a workout.

Statistic are hard to find on just how many people prefer watching a TV service verses having tradition satellite / cable with a DVR. And now that so many main stream channel are on services the argument that you won't see you favorites shows doesn't hold water. As for percentages of who does what, I can only speak to my circle of friends.

I am noticing that if they have kids they have a subscription service and some along with that have cable. If they don't have kids it but are technologically savvy they have a service and skip the traditional cable / satellite. And finally if they don't have kids and they are not tech fans they probably have the same cable service they have had since they moved in to the house.

I happen to fall in the third group. Call me old school but I love the challenge of searching the cable guide for something to watch if it seems "nothing is on". And I certainly can't live without my cable DVR. Best invention ever. I love the fact that my TV is tracking my favorite shows, recording them for playback where I can watch by fast forwarding through the commercials if I want. I also love that I am not rushing home to watch TV. I haven't missed an episode of "Young and the Restless" in 8 years thanks to my DVR.

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