Unbelievably we are already a few weeks into the new year. The holidays are over and everything has pretty much gone back to normal. We did have some yearly events that are on the horizon though and they are coming up quick.

We are getting quite close to that special time of the year. What's that "special time" of the year you may ask? Well it's almost tax season, the time of the year that depending on the person may either be great or a time of stress. However some very special individuals in the Dutchess County area may have something to look forwad to this tax season.

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Possible Exemptions' for Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Members

It was announced recently by members of the Dutchess County legislature that preliminary plans have been put in place for members of Dutchess Counties volunteer firefighters and ambulance divisions to receive a 10% exemption to their property tax this season. This exemption would also last for the next two years.


How to Qualify for This Exemption?

In order for these volunteers to receive this possible exemption, they would need to meet a few requirements. First, these volunteers would have had to be serving as a volunteer firefighter or ambulance member for three years. Second, these volunteers would also have to reside in the town, city or village that they also serve. In addition, if a volunteer has been serving for 20 years or more, they will be eligible to receive this exemption for the remainder of their lives.

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The Reasoning for the Exemption

For starters, this exemption is being taken under consideration and presumably will go into effect, in an effort to maintain the number of individuals who currently serve as volunteers in Dutchess County. It has been estimated that this exemption will impact roughly 1200 individuals throughout Dutchess County. The possibility of this exemption was also made possible after Governor Kathy Hochul signed new legislation into law this past December. The signing of this legislation made it possible for other counties in the state of New York to offer the same deal to their volunteers.

Maybe some won't view 10% as that much of an exemption, however it at the very least can represent the gratitude we have to the individuals who do volunteer their time in order to serve and assist our communities.

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