More than ever, people are adopting and saving animals. Whether it's an animal that showed up at your door or one that you rescued from the shelter, each story has a meaningful memory behind it.

From cats to dogs, bunnies and birds, our "pets" have become more of our fur babies and we would do anything for them.  I'm a huge animal lover and advocate. I have spent time volunteering at a local animal shelter. I also grew up surrounded by dogs and cats and continue to share my life with them today. 

Although accidents happen and sometimes things don't always go as planned, we do our best to care for our fur babies and give them all the love, attention, and care that we can.

The Town of Ramapo Police Department made a heartwarming post on social media.

Residents heard a dog barking from a storm drain in Wesley Hills, NY. The Town of Ramapo Highway Department, volunteers from Spring Hill Community Ambulance Corps, and Chaverim of Rockland were on site when The Town of Ramapo Police Department responded to the call. 

This sweet dog was thankfully saved with the help of the compassionate community.

The dog was saved with the help of first responders, highway department members, and concerned residents of the community.

The highway workers removed the storm drain cover and the dog inside of the drain was saved. The dog was lifted out of the drain, unharmed, and was taken to an animal hospital to be evaluated. 

The missing dog was safely returned to its owner who was overjoyed.

Ginger is the name of the dog who was saved. She was confirmed missing and her owner was handing out flyers in the community prior to being saved.

A thoughtful resident, who originally located this missing pup recognized Ginger from the flyers and contacted the owner. Ginger's owner was so happy that she had returned home safe.

This heartwarming story restores faith in humanity.

Multiple members of the community came together to assist an animal in need and ended up getting this fur baby back home where she lived.

I'm thankful that we are spreading kindness and having compassion for one another. More than ever, let's continue to help out and do what we can for others (and animals). 

Have you seen this missing dog in the Hudson Valley?

The community is still asking for assistance in finding a beloved dog that's missing from Middletown, NY. The young dog owner drew a picture of their missing fur baby and the City of Middletown Police Department was also doing their part to help bring this pet home.

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