Im just going to start off with saying I have never heard of using this before.

For lunch here at the station. I usually make an English muffin and put tons of peanut butter on it.

I went in the kitchen today and put my English Muffin in the toaster. A few of my co-workers were in there and asked why I was getting a knife to cut my English muffin.

At first I thought they were just messing with me, but then I could tell they were being serious.

They mentioned you are supposed to use a fork because "it helps keep the nooks and crannies all together".

I did go check the back of my English Muffin bag and it does suggest using a fork to split it.

I went around the station and asked a few people how they cut theirs and this is what I got

Fork: 3 people

Knife: 4 people

Hands: 2 people

I'm still surprised about this fork method, please drop a comment below if you've heard of it or you use a fork as well.

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