Most of us do, right?

If you've been following the news over the last week or so, there have been reports of a massive coin shortage in the Untied States, with some people saying it's true because of the coronavirus. A lot of us have started to use debit and credit cards instead of cash and coins when we purchases things because of the germs that can be found on money, which makes perfect sense, at least to me.

I'm not here to debate whether there is a change shortage or not, but I do think if there is, I, along with a bunch of folks here in the Hudson Valley might be the reason for it. I have a few mason jars full of coins at my house right now that could help out with the shortage..LOL.

How about you? Do you have a change jar at your house? If you do, what do you store the change in? Do you go with a glass mason jar like me and Jess or do you use a "cheese ball" bin or a five gallon water jug?

We opened up the phones on the show today, and we were blown away with the amount of change you guys have had over the years! We a guy call in to tell us that he once cashed in a five gallon water jug full of quarters and wound up getting over $4,000 in cash. Rich called in and told us that back in the day he cashed in over $5,000 in change. WOW!!!! I would have hated to be a bank teller back then...LOL!

Cashing in change nowadays is pretty easy, as most places have the coin counters where you just pour you change onto a conveyor belt and they do the counting for you. Back when I was younger we had to count and roll our change to be able to cash in at the bank. It was a looooong process but well worth it at the end of the day.

What's the most amount of change you've ever cashed in? Call or text us through the Wolf mobile app.

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