Students studying abroad in five countries dealing with widespread coronavirus have been ordered to come home on a chartered plane that will land at Stewart Airport.

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On Wednesday, during a press conference to announce four more Westchester County residents tested positive for the coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered all SUNY and CUNY students from study abroad programs in five countries, China, Italy, Japan, Iran and South Korea, to return to New York.

"Those are countries that have been on the quote-unquote watch list, recall list the federal government has set," Cuomo said."

According to Cuomo, all of the students will return to New York on a chartered plane that will land at New York Stewart International Airport in Newburgh. Cuomo didn't say why Stewart Airport was selected.

The students will then be quarantined for 14 days in dormitory settings. Health officials will stay in contact with the students and do follow-up work after the two weeks.

"We have an epidemic caused by Coronavirus but we have a pandemic that is caused by fear," Cuomo said Wednesday during a press conference. "Now what causes fear? Two things. People get afraid when they think they don't have the right information or they don't trust the information they're getting. Or the information they're getting is so frightening that they have the normal reaction. I think in this case, people are suspect about what they're hearing because government now is so polarized in so many ways. The environment is so political that you hear different messages about the situation and then it gets politicized. The Democrats say the Republicans are trying to minimize it. The Republicans say the Democrats are hyping it. So I think it's very important here in New York that I provide the factual information to people so they know these are just the facts."

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