An emu named Crow from the Hudson Valley is still missing.

On Wednesday, Sarah Nace posted to Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley Facebook page that her emu named Crow was missing from Baker Town Road in Accord. Sarah urged that if you see her to please call Jill Shufeldt, Animal Control Officer at 845-626-5979 or 845-389-1968 or Christine at 603-491-9589.

The missing emu post was shared almost 400 times.

One commenter, Dylan Ward Case, added that “Crow likes cantelope and watermelon. Being a beloved pet; do not spook her as she can run 35 mph. She is tame and may make her way to farms with livestock.”

On Friday morning, Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley updated the situation. Sadly, the emu is still missing. Officials think it’s possible she’s still in the Ulster County area, but also likely she traveled quite far by now.

It’s unclear what person, business, or organization owns the crow.

Lost Pets of The Hudson Valley was founded in 2013. They are an organization dedicated to helping reunite lost pets with their families in the Hudson Valley of New York and beyond.

From now through the end of September, every financial contribution made to Lost Pets of The Hudson Valley, the organization will donate an item of pet food to a Hudson Valley-based Animal Shelter.