I'm hoping this doesn't happen, but it did happen to me.

With everything that is going on in the world I'm hoping that what happened to me about 15 years ago doesn't happen to any of the schools or parents that are trying to make graduation special for most 2020 Hudson Valley graduates.

All kids that are set to graduate from high school this year won't be able to have any sort of graduation ceremony with schools being closed so if you drive around the Valley you will most likely see a bunch of those small lawn signs on a lot of yards of graduating seniors.

As I drove through parts of Wappingers Falls and Fishkill the other day I saw signs from John Jay High School and Roy C Ketcham respectively and thought, just like we've been saying all week on the radio show that this is such a great idea and I hope that all schools do something like this, but it also reminded me of something that cost me a few bucks from back in the day.

Back in the early 2000's I was "campaigning" to get the morning radio show on a Hudson Valley radio station and the company I was working for at the time agreed to help me buy some of those small political size lawn signs to help promote the cause.

The signs read, "CJ for Mornings on Kiss Fm" and once we got them delivered we put them up all across the Hudson Valley. We put them on lawns of people that said it was OK, plus we put them on the side of the roads at busy intersections.

After having the signs up for about two or three weeks, the company that I worked for got a summons in the mail that said we were being fined a few hundred dollars because we didn't have any permission or a license or something to be able to put up signs in Dutchess County.

After we all freaked out about it, we did pay the fine and then found out that you need some sort of permit to be able to put out signs in most parts of the Hudson Valley, at least you did back then.

I bring this up only to make sure that the schools and or teachers have made sure they won't be surprised like I was with a summons in the mail for putting up signs.

For the record, I did end up getting the morning show and it has all led me to doing morning here on the Wolf so I guess it was a few hundred bucks well spent!

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