Scientists found high levels of caffeine in the river. Just when you thought it was safe to go into the Hudson. Testing determined what exactly is teeming in the Hudson River?

You're probably not thinking about swimming right now but you will be soon enough. If you're a New York native you know that the Hudson River is not exactly known for being the cleanest form of water. For years they have found traces of vehicle fluids, garbage and even human waste in the mighty river.

According to the Times Union, Columbia University recently tested the water from the Capital Region to New York City and found high levels of caffeine, pharmaceuticals and even artificial sweeteners.

Vanderbilt Mansion on Hudson River
Corbis via Getty Images

Even with Death Wish Coffee coming to the area could it top a hot cup brewed with Hudson River water? I say we start bottling up and brewing it and take the idea to Shark Tank. With the "dangerous amounts" of caffeine could the river be the key to a fresh cup of joe?


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