You see them on cars all the time, and they usually catch your eye. They are vanity license plates.

Now not all vanity license plates make it to the front and back of vehicles. Believe it or not there are many that are rejected before they are able to hit the road.

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According to, last year in Connecticut there were 962 vanity plate applications filed, and around 80 were rejected.

So why does a vanity plate get rejected? Well the main reason is the Connecticut DMV deemed them too offensive, or they contained foul language. Out of the 80 that were rejected, 36 contained foul language like "F**k You", or "F**k Off", and MOMMYAF, which the DMV deemed could mean "Mommy as f**k".

Some of the other questionable request for vanity plates were right on the line when it came to language, they were "FARTYY” and “YOUSUCK”. Another requested vanity plate reading 'IH8CT' meaning 'I hate Connecticut' was obviously rejected by the Connecticut DMV.

The Connecticut DMV also rejects any vanity plate requests that contain references to ISIS and the Mafia, some people even attempted to use a zero as the letter 'O' which the state DMV says is off limits and not allowed under Connecticut state law.

Over the last year since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Connecticut DMV is also getting some COVID related vanity plate requests that the state did not reject.

There's another reason the DMV doesn't like to reject these plate requests, there's  some money to be made in the vanity plate business. From October of 2020 until September of 2021 the State of Connecticut pocketed over $50,000 in vanity plate funds.

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