Yes, face yoga is a thing, and some people can't get enough of it.

According to Northwestern, doing a few of these facial exercises could really help you look younger and to get in on looking younger all you need to do is a 30 minute daily or every other day facial exercise program. People that did these exercise for more than 20 weeks saw improved facial appearance, resulting in a younger appearance with fuller upper and lower cheeks.

I just realized that these exercises are set up for a middle-aged woman. Well, I've lost my man card a bunch of times, so I'm still going for it. And before you start making fun of me, they say that if you do these exercises for about five months you will notice a huge difference in your appearance and you could look three years younger.

I have always wanted to be an instructor of something, teaching the people! Join me as we take the first "face yoga" class with me as your teacher...

I had to--as my wife would say--dumb the instructions down for CJ to actually do those exercises. If you want the full-blown instructions on how to do the cheek lifter, eyebrow lifter, happy cheeks sculpting, jaw and neck firmer, temple developer, and the upper eyelid firmer, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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