Did I get scammed?

We got talking this morning on the air about selling things online and I was telling you about trying to sell my broken cell phone after I got a new one.

Just like a ton of people, I dropped my phone a few months ago and cracked the screen. I had to wait a few months to be able to upgrade to a new one and when I did the guy at the cell phone store told me that I could get more money for my broken phone if I sold it online to one of those companies that buys broken phones.

So after I left the store I went online and found a company called Its Worth More and put in all my phones information and they offered me $80 for the broken phone. All I had to do was pack the phone in my own box and print out the shipping label and send it on its way.

They said when they receive the package they will email me and let me know when they were sending me the check. I got an email 3 weeks ago saying they got my package and that was it, no contact after that until yesterday when I called the company to see whats up.

After waiting on hold for 15 minutes, the lady on the phone told me that my package was damaged or destroyed in transit and I need to describe the box and its contents so they can file a claim with UPS to get the money for the phone.

I describe the box and it's contents to the lady and after she tells me that they will call me back when they have all the proper paperwork filed and I will receive the $80 when UPS pays them.

Did I get scammed? Leave a comment on Facebook and I'll let you know when and if I ever get the cash!

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