Yes, it happened.

If you don't know, me and the family moved into our new house about 5 weeks ago. After tons of unpacking, painting and a million other things we are finally starting to settle in, that is until I try to drive into our garage.

Let me start with this: I have never had a place with a garage before so I have an excuse. LOL. Here's what happened.

I still can't believe I hit the house! I guess what's done is done and we move on..... to go karting!

We have your chance to spend a day with me and Jess coming up on Aug. 20 at Overlook Naskarts in Poughkeepise, all you need to do is decide who's team you want to be on.

Is it going to be Team CJ or Team Jess? Be listening all next week for your chance to win. Have a great weekend!

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