Who can jump rope the longest?

If you are new to the CJ in the morning show, you might not know this but everything we do turns into some sort of competition.

We were talking the other day and some how it came up that Jess had a jump rope in her car and that lead us to see who could last the longest jump roping.

Now before we get to our little video, understand that I have never been good at jump roping or anything that requires coordination. As the State Trooper that pulled me over a few years back said "CJ, you are the most uncoordinated person I have even seen". True story, this was after I failed all of the sobriety checks and didn't have an ounce of alcohol in my body.

This could get violent....

DAMN, Jess is good!

I think there was something wrong with the jump rope!

Bonus Video: Taste of Country

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