Who can dance "The Elaine Dance" from Seinfeld better?

We were talking on the CJ in the morning show today about family members embarrassing us at family events with their dancing and had some great calls from mostly people saying how dad was the one who was the embarrassing dancer.

We had a lady call in to tell us that her dad always did the "Worm" at family events and now that he has passed away she has taken over as the embarrassing dancer in her family. She said she'll do the worm and she even breaks out the "Elaine Dance" from Seinfeld was the mood is right.

As soon as she said that both Jess and I said that we have to try and do our best "Elaine". If you don't remember how bad her dancing was on the hit TV show, take a look....

Now you know what she looked like dancing. Here is our best interpretation of the "Elaine Dance"....

Who did it better? Me or Jess? Let us know in the comment section below or on Facebook.

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