Chris Janson was the latest victim in an Albany radio station's ongoing (and hilarious) Worst Interview Ever video series.

Hosted by 107.7 WGNA's Nick Kessler, the purposely disappointing segment lives up to its name, as Kessler fumbles over his notes as an unprepared, novice entertainment journalist.

Kessler begins by repeating Janson's full name four times in 15 seconds, trying to buy some time as he pages through his notebook for relevant questions to ask the country star. He kicks off the interview with the hard hitting, "Do you like riding bikes?"

Later on, Kessler graduates to pressing queries such as "Seen any good movies lately?" and "What's your idea of the best funeral ever?" before shutting the interview down. Janson is his usual positive self, happily fielding possibly the most irrelevant questions he's ever heard in an interview.

The best part of the segment is when Kessler Googles Janson for some information and finds Janson's breakout hit "Buy Me a Boat." As Kessler thumbs through the lyrics, he finds: "They call me redneck, white trash and blue collar / But I could change all that if I had a couple million dollars."

Kessler decides to round the lyric down to a cool one million dollars. Then he starts subtracting Janson's expenses from his wish list in the chorus when the country star sings: "It could buy me a boat / It could buy me a truck to pull it / It could buy me a Yeti 110 iced down / With some silver bullets."

After some quick math, Kessler realizes Janson still has about $800,000 left to spend after he buys everything he wants in the chorus. Having woefully interviewed other country stars including Toby Keith, Jerrod Niemann and LoCash, Kessler is the best at being bad.

Watch the entire awkward exchange in the clip above. Janson continues on his headlining tour in support of the Everybody album through February of 2018.

Chris Janson Plays Last Question!

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