Let's face it, we are busy this time of year. We are all getting ready for the holidays and we have very little time to reflect but it is important that we do. We need to look back at 2017. Check in on the the good and the bad. Or in other words the naughty and the nice. We are down to the wire on whether or not Santa will be bring us what we want for Christmas or just dropping off some coal for the stocking.

Luckly I have found a link where you can quickly check your status with Santa. After all being busy means very little time to actually recall all we may have done right or wrong this year. So thanks to the folks at Claus.com we can get a quick read on where we stand while we still have time to turn it around.

Portrait of Father Christmas Pointing at the Camera
Getty Images/ThinkStock

I put in my name and apparently I am doing okay but coming up short in the eating enough of my veggies department. So it will be salads for me until December 24th and then I hope to see my wish list under the tree.

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