UPDATE, 2:25PM: Zula has died and been buried, according to Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley.

That's right, a zebra has escaped and is wandering around the Hudson Valley. Its owner is now offering a $1,000 cash reward.

WNYT reports that the zebra belongs to Richard Myer of Catskill who posted the information on a Facebook group dedicated to finding lost pets in the Hudson Valley area. According to the posting the zebra is a 5-month-old rescue. The animal was last seen by the trails headed to the Palenville overlook. The owner says his zebra travels pretty fast so it could be anywhere at this point.


The zebra went missing on Thursday afternoon after it broke out of its pen during feeding time. This is the first time in recent memory that an alert has been issued in the Hudson Valley for a missing zebra. Photos have been released of the animal, but it's safe to say any zebra you find roaming around is probably the one authorities are looking for.

State police and the Sheriff's office are also involved in the hunt. If you see the zebra, you should probably not approach it. The owner says although the animal is friendly, it has been known to bite. Instead, call authorities or the owner at (518) 925-2751. A $1 thousand reward is being offered for its return.