Is your car horn "Manly" or is it a "Princess" sounding horn?

We started talking about the sound of your car horn this morning on the CJ in the morning show and according to Sky News, we should replace our current horns with the sounds of ducks quacking.

The survey said that they tested out a bunch of different possibilities and found that the quacking sound was the safest option.

If I had to pick an animal sound I would go with like a lion or elephant. The people who conducted the survey said that the quacking immediately gets people's attention like our current horns but it's less jarring and irritating.

We decided that we wanted to see who between me and Jess has the "Manliest" car horn.

I think that instead of replacing the car horn sound with animals, we should have the horn sound replaced with music. Like some really loud song. I'm going with the Brothers Osborne "It Ain't My Fault."

How about you? What song or animal sound would you want on your car horn? Let us know on Facebook.

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